Sunday, December 21, 2008


At every photoshoot, there are ALWAYS those hilarious shots that I snap in between the "good" shots. The ones where because of the awkwardness of being photographed, the subjects in front of the lens feel the need to act like a total goober by doing the craziest things. I LOVE IT!!! The next 3 photos are some examples of what I am talking about from 2 different sessions.

The first 2 are from one of my favorite families in the world! The Guffey fam! I'll be posting their session soon, but for now...

These four brothers are so silly!


Jeff loves to be the center of attention 24/7. You can see that here as he hops in and ruins a perfectly intimate family portrait. ;)


There are plenty more of those goofy ones to come!! I had such a good time shooting their pictures! They crack me up non-stop!

The next one is from Ashi's photoshoot, lots more to come on hers as well.

This is just classic Ashleigh... classic. I love you bee-you-tea-full!


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