Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's finally here!!

Okay, so I think the website is officially up for everyone (I hope!). It's taken me so long to get it finished but I kept my promise to myself and everyone that it would be up this month!! YAY!! It always feels sooooo good to accomplish your goals! I'm so very proud of the new site and hope you are able to enjoy it!

It's not 100% complete yet, but at least I got it online! Whew! I'll continuously be adding new material to it so always be sure to check back! I know in the past I haven't always been too diligent on keeping my website updated... But I promise this time that won't happen!

There are so many incredible changes coming up in my life which I am so excited about! A HUGE one is that I am finally going into business on my own. A lot of you know I have worked at another photography company for over 7 years. So this is a BIG DEAL! I cannot express how stoked out of my mind I am about this! I always knew it would happen one day... just never knew when! I can honestly say it's happening at the most perfect time in my life. God has truly been SOOOO GOOD to me! I cannot thank Him enough for the many things he has blessed me with. I truly feel like the luckiest girl on this planet. There are so many exciting things to come for me in 2009! As things unfold, I will be sure to share everything that is happening with you all!

For now check out the new website if you haven't already! :) www.dellafiora.com


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www.fabuluxephotos.com said...

You site is amazing... love the color pink - My favorite too!! Good luck on all your bookings, it won't be hard because your work is amazing.


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