Monday, December 1, 2008

Quick update

It's December 1st... I've been on vacation in Atlanta this past week for the Thanksgiving holidays and I did NOT want to come back and face reality! I was really enjoying not working, eating lots of delicious food, sleeping in, and spending time with amazing people. I have SO MUCH TO DO before this month ends... actually, I have to get it all done before Christmas! I'm so excited though because right after Christmas I am hopping on a plane to NEW YORK CITY for New Years! YEEAHH!!! I am soooo pumped! That is going to be such an amazing trip and I am geeked out of my mind about it!

ANYWHO-- I just wanted to let you know that I plan on launching my new website before December is over! I'm SUCH a perfectionist and the reason it's taking me so long to finish it is because I never feel like it's good enough, or complete. So I've just decided that I am just going to launch it even if I don't feel like it's done. No more putting it off, or excuses. Just going to do it. Period.

Wish me luck because this next month is literally going to be the busiest month my life has ever seen! Here we go!

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Bethany Rose said...

Good luck! I love you and am proud of you!


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